Finding and Reporting Bugs in Free Fire Advance Server

Win 1000 diamonds in Free Fire Advance Server for finding and reporting bugs

When I opened my Free Fire Advance Server for the first time, I saw that Free Fire was offering a reward of 1000 diamonds for the task of finding and reporting bugs in the Free Fire OB45 Advance Server, which made me excited. After that, I started to find the glitches and mistakes made by the developers of Free Fire in Advance Server.

I did my best to find bugs in the new Free Fire Advance Server but failed, and then after playing countless games, I found a bug.

but I didn’t know how to submit it. I was worried and stressed about reporting bugs, so I started researching and luckily found a method.

 Let me get the cat out of the bag, the secret of finding & reporting bugs! 

Interesting Fact: Free Fire Advance Server registration is the only way to access Free Fire Advance Server.

Reporting Bugs 

  • You must have access to the Free Fire Advanced Server.
  • Find bugs in the Game.
  • Create a short video of the bug that you find.
  • Then open the Free Fire Advance Server’s official website. 
  • Click on “Find a bug and get diamonds”
  • After clicking on it, you will see the option to report a bug.
  • After this process, You must fill in the form that includes the bug description, phone model, Free Fire Advance Server UID, video link, and 3 images of the bug.
  • Submit the form. 
  • That’s it.

If the bug that you find is meaningful then they will surely send you the reward of 1000 diamonds, which can be used to buy tons of game items.

For PC players: Download Free Fire Advance Server on PC.

But, you may be thinking, how can we find the bugs, we mentioned the working method below, follow the steps, and find glitches in Free Fire Advance, the testing server.

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Bugs Hunting

You may think about how to find bugs, don’t worry anymore. Here I am going to share my secret way to find bugs.

Follow the following steps:

  • You would need to explore every game mode, (especially new game modes ) because the new ones are not tested before and you may find glitches and mistakes.
  • Check every place on the map.
  • Perform different activities with glow-walls, and weapons. Check for the map glitches, and test the damage glitch while killing enemies. 
  • Through this method, you can find bugs and glitches that will help you to win the reward of 1000 diamonds. Good luck!


It’s much simpler to find and report bugs in the Free Fire Advanced version. Simply open your Free Fire Advance Server in-game account and play a ton of games, test every aspect of the game, ( such as testing the gun damage, gun firing sound, car glitches, character abilities, and more ) you will indeed find some bugs. 

After finding bugs, create a clear video and send it to the official team of Free Fire by going to the Advance Server website, You will need to scroll down and click on “Find bugs and get diamonds”. After this process, they will declare the button “report the bugs” Simply click on it, fill out the form, and wait for Free Fire Advance Server team response.

Follow the methods as guided and get 1000 diamonds for free.

Thanks for reading!