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You might have seen Free Fire YouTubers or your game friends, who were playing in Free Fire Advance Server and having fun with its new & upcoming game items, weapons, characters with new abilities, and buying items on 1 diamond & more that are not even seen before in normal Garena Free Fire game. But how? Let’s discuss.

Below, we have mentioned complete resources and information to play and download the new Free Fire OB45 Advance Server on Android, read out the whole interesting information to get on the right track.

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File downloads18.8M
Ratings4.4 +
Size947 MB
Official website
LicenseFree for all
Latest versionv66.36.7
Latest updateOB45
Closing date07 June 2024

About Free Fire Advance Server

It is a modified and more updated version of Garena Free Fire, provides early access to the gamers, and updates them on upcoming maps, guns, costumes, events, new game features & more.

Free Fire releases its advanced version every 2 months to learn about the player’s experience by collecting feedback from them to improve the game.

In addition, it keeps you updated on the changes in the Garena Free Fire that will happen in the upcoming Free Fire OB45 update.

With all of these things mentioned above, you will also take the fun out of it by claiming amazing and interesting rewards such as 1000s of diamonds at no cost.

Below, we mentioned some of the interesting pros and cons of this amazing server that are based on our 5 years of experience. Make sure to read these amazing insights of Advance Server before going to download the game.


It contains upcoming items.

It contains rewards like diamonds, rare costumes, and more.

Fun with players and gets updated.

You can play with multiple server players.


It is for a limited time and limited players.

It requires an activation code to access.

It may contain bugs in new game modes.

Here are some alternatives to It

Free Fire OB45 Advance Server Complete Roadmap

Follow these 4 steps mentioned below in the infographic for a better experience and to easily access the Free Fire OB45 Advance Server.

Free Fire Advance Server complete roadmap

Eligibility Criteria

You must be aware of the eligibility criteria for Advance Server, that who can access the game. 

Player Age

Your age should be 18 or above.

Account Age

Your in-game Free Fire account should be at least 9 months old.


You must be registered for the FF Advance Server officially.

Registration Process

If you missed the opportunity last time just because of missing the registration, don’t cry over spilled milk, but don’t miss it again. here is a quick and detailed guide to the registration process.

Registration Method ( Quick Box )

Step 1: Open the official website.
Step 2: Log in with your preferred platform ( Facebook & Google ).
Step 3: Fill in the registration form, ( Enter valid & active email, game UID, etc. ).
Step 4: After that, if selected, Garena Free Fire will display the activation code, which you can use while opening the Free Fire Advance version.

You should register as soon as possible because there are limited players allowed in this updated version.

Remember! Free Fire Advance Server is not a piece of cake; you will need to follow all these steps of Free Fire Advance Server registration to access it. 

Now, let’s go toward the detailed method.

Registration Method ( Detailed )

Step 1: Open the official website, after opening, you will see the interface that will show you login options and more.

Step 2: There will be two login options, Facebook and Google, you can select your desired option. ( Log in with the account that is connected with your Free Fire ID).

Step 3: After this process, they will declare the filling form, you will need to enter the information like putting an active email, Free Fire UID, etc.

Fill the Form For Free Fire Advance Server

Step 4: After the complete process that we discussed, they will provide you the Free Fire OB45 Advance Server activation code.

There is also the possibility, that they can send you the activation code and download link through the in-game mailbox.

If your activation code is not working, it is expected that someone may have used it before, or maybe the code has been outdated.

Each Activation Code is designed for only one account so don’t share it with anyone.

Step 5: After receiving the code simply open the game and paste the code.

Enter the Activation Code

Note: You will only be able to access the FF Advance Server if you are selected by the Free Fire official team. 

After selecting in the selection process, you will need to download the game, here is the method to download.

Downloading Method

It’s as easy as drinking water to download the Free Fire OB45 Advance Server APK and take advantage of it.

Downloading Method ( Quick Box )

Step 1: Click on the download button that is located at the start of this page. The download process will get started.
Step 2: After downloading the FF Advance Server, go to the file manager.
Step 3: After downloading the FF Advance Server, go to the file manager.
Step 4: Click on APK.
Step 5: You will see the APK file of the game, simply install it. That’s it.

I know your excitement level for downloading the game but don’t die before the bullet shot because you may take a wrong step in a rush.  Let us share the simple and clean steps to download the APK file easily.

Downloading Method ( Detailed )

  • You can download it for free through the download file at the start of this page, but if you face any issues during or after downloading the FF Advance Server, don’t panic, it’s normal, there are also other ways to download the game smoothly. 
  • You can download the APK file from the official website, by following the steps:
  • Step 1: Open the official website. 
  • Step 2: Register yourself for an Advanced Server through the official website.
  • Step 3: They will display the FF Advance activation code. ( if you are selected ).
  • Step 4: You can easily download your APK file by clicking on the APK download.
  • Step 5: After this, go to your file manager and install the mod APK file. 
  • Step 6: Now Open your game, enter the code, and enjoy the gameplay!

Note: Without registration, you can’t access the Free Fire OB45 Advance Server. Follow the steps as guided, for a smooth process.

Opening date: 7 June 2024.

Closing date: 21 June 2024.


The benefits are in front of you, as you will be able to explore the new lobby and tons of new things that are not available outside of the Advance Server.

It has the option to report game bugs that will help the developers of Garena Free Fire to improve the game. 

In addition to all of these benefits, you will be able to claim multiple rewards such as diamonds, skins, and more benefits that are given below.

Access To New Items & Events

The biggest benefit is that you will have access to a ton of upcoming events and new items that were not available before in-game Such as new glow-wall skins, bundles, gun skins, backpacks, etc.

Upcoming Game Changes

Free Fire OB45 Advance, an experimental server, is a modified version of Free Fire in which we know about upcoming game changes and updates. Such as modification in maps, increase or decrease in gun damage, new features, etc. These changes can only be explored through it. 

Game Improvements

When you report the glitches and bugs of the Advance Server, in this case. you help the Free Fire developers to improve the gameplay experience, that’s why Free Fire is improving day by day. 


Free Fire OB45 Advance Server talks with Sky because of its rewards, free diamonds, magic cubes, free emotes, and a lot more items are provided by Free Fire as a reward in the Advance Server; that’s why most of the players are too excited to play in the advance server.

But the question is, how can we claim the rewards? Here are some ways to get 100% out of the Advance Server. 

Finding Bugs To Win Diamonds  

Free Fire gives the task of finding bugs within the game, for which they offer the reward of 1000 diamonds. You will just need to play the games and find bugs like giving damage to the enemy but not counting bugs in the car, maps, killing the enemy, etc.

Find Bugs within the Tested Version ( Advance Server to Win 1000 Diamonds )

If you find any bug within the game, simply create a clear video and send it to the Free Fire team through their official website. 

The process of sending the video to the official team of Free Fire:

  • Open the official website of Advance Server.
  • Go deep down.
  • Click on Report a bug.

Mail Box

When you open the game, you will see the mailbox in which Free Fire sends a reward that contains a good amount of diamonds, emotes, and more.

Rewards in Mail Box

But wait, this is not just limited to it; more rewards, discussed below, need to be explored.

Game Tasks To Win Diamonds

I know you are amazed after listening that you will receive a good amount of diamonds through the mailbox & finding bugs, but these are just a few diamonds; the real reward is here.

Complete Tasks in FF Advance to win 1000s of diamonds as a reward

After logging in to the FF Advance Server, they will give you tasks such as daily play, daily login, level-up missions, and many more reward opportunities; after completing these tasks, you will achieve an unbelievable number of diamonds that players can’t imagine in the normal game.

FAQs & Answers

Yes, you can play it on a low-ram mobile device; the minimum range of RAM should be 2GB.

No, you can’t claim unlimited diamonds. However, you can claim 1000s of diamonds for free by completing game tasks.

It’s 100% safe because this is the official product of Garena Free Fire, so you should not worry about it.


In short, Free Fire Advance Server is the testing version of Free Fire, in which players test the new game modes, check the design of new items, review the gameplay experience, and then provide feedback to the official team of Free Fire that helps them to improve every aspect of the game, and provide a more user-friendly environment for the players. 

If you want to play in FF Advance Server, you will need to do your registration process, and after this, Free Fire will inform you about your selection. If you are selected, then you can download and play the game.

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