Free Fire Advance Server Registration: Process, Eligibility & More

If you want to play in the Free Fire OB45 Advance Server, registration is the route you must take.

Without completing the registration process, you will not receive your activation code, and without an activation code, you will not be able to access the Free Fire OB45 Advance Server.

So let’s learn how to do registration for Free Fire Advance Server in the right way.

let’s start!

Free Fire Advance Server Registration Process

The registration process is pretty simple. You will need to follow the steps mentioned below. 

In short, open the Free Fire Advance Server’s official website. Choose the login option. Fill out the form, you will receive your working Free Fire Advance Server activation code.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Garena Free Fire Advance Server

Search in Google, Free Fire Advance Server registration, and open the official website for registration.

Step 2: You will see the login option, there will be 2 options Facebook and Google, simply log in with an account that is connected to your in-game account.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration Page

Step 3: After the above process. It will display to fill the profile, which will require you to enter an active email address. After that, they will display your Free Fire Advance Server activation code.

Enter your Email

Who Can Register

You must be aware of these official requirements. Take a look at these factors and then go for the registration process.

Free Fire Advance Server Eligibility Criteria 2
  • Age: Free Fire Advance Server is only for players, whose age is 18 or above. 
  • RAM: Your device RAM should be enough to play Free Fire Advance Server smoothly. Recommended RAM is more than 2GB. 
  • Server: Your game region/server should be supported by Free Fire for Advance Server.
  • Registration: You must be registered.
  • Account Age: Your Garena Free Fire account should be 9 months old, so then you will be eligible.

What To Do After Registration 

If you are chosen for the Free Fire Advance Server, wait for the response from Garena Free Fire. They will let you know. 

After registering, you will receive your activation code. To use it, just open the Free Fire Advance Server and enter your code. 

Free Fire Advance Server Registration Period 

The Free Fire Advance Server registration starts 24 hours before the official release of the opening date, which is expected in January 2024.

This means that the Free Fire Advance Server is going to start in January 2024 so the registration will start 1 week before the official release, which is for a short period and the team of selectors will select those who registered initially, which means that it’s the game of first-come, first-served.

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Free Fire Advance Server registration is the way to access Free Fire Advance Server.

This means that the registration process is mandatory to access the Free Fire Advance Server, you will need to serve the process of registration, and after that you will receive the activation code. 

Make sure to not share your code with someone, because the code is only developed for one account and you may lose the opportunity to play in Free Fire Advance Server. 


After doing registration, it will display the activation code, in case if you are selected.

Yes, you can play it on a low-ram mobile device; the minimum range of RAM should be 2GB.

Free Fire Advance Server is limited to a specific number of players for testing the in-game changes.

Yes, Free Fire Advance Server is available for a limited time, so make sure to do your registration before it closes. The starting date is not displayed yet, but it is expected that the new Free Fire Advance Server will be available in March 2024 and will end in April 2024.

If you face any type of issue, make sure you are following official Garena Free Fire guidelines and meeting their requirements. If you still facing issues and problems contact the official Free Fire support team, and discuss your issue with them. They will surely solve the problem. 

Your registration email should be active and useable because you will be contacted through the email that you entered during the registration process. So keep in mind to use the email that is more usable and active otherwise, you may lose this amazing opportunity of Advance Server.