Free Fire OB45 Advance Server Latest Changes

Free Fire OB45 Advance Server latest changes

Free Fire Advance Server is the updated and testing version of Free Fire Battleground that shows users what is coming next. In this OB45 update, there are many changes that you will experience in upcoming updates, such as a new character, old peak view, airdrop new opening method, new features, gun changes, map changes, and many more small changes to improve the player’s experience with the game.

Free Fire OB45 Advance Server Latest Changes

So let’s explore the changes in the new Free Fire Advance Server.

New Character Kassie

New character in Free Fire Advance Server update

Kassie is a new female character in Free Fire Advance Server who has an active skill to heal her teammates. It is a great character because you can heal your teammates even if they are running, fighting, or doing anything else. Your teammates can also heal you if someone has damaged you or if your health points are low. It is highly easy to use.

You must access the Free Fire Advance Server to enjoy gameplay with this character, the first step to access Free Fire Advance Server is Free Fire Advance Server registration, after that, you will need to download the game and enter your Free Fire Advance Server activation code.

Old Peak is Back

Old peak in Free Fire OB45 Advance Server image

You will see the old peak in this Free Fire OB45 Advance Server, but not exactly as the old peak. You will experience this peak view in two places: first, when you start the game and get into the lobby; and second, in the game, where there will be some circles on the map. You will need to get into them, and after that, you will experience the old peak.

When you experience the old peak, you will need to jump into the normal game again through the glider.

Map Changes

Providing a user-friendly experience is a great way to make the players happy. Keeping this in mind, Garena has changed some of the places on the map to provide a summer look and feel. As summer is starting, you will also experience summer in Free Fire Advance Server, which is a great change by Garena Free Fire.

Airdrop Opening Method

Free Fire Advance Server new airdrop

Aircraft was the old method of dropping airdrops in Free Fire maps, but now Free Fire is thinking of doing something new. In this Free Fire OB45 update, you will not see the old method. Free Fire has changed it, and now there will be pre-dropped airdrops in the game. You will need to fire at them to loot from them.

It is amazing and can boost the players’ experience with the game and game modes.

New Options in Vehicles

Music option in cars

Free Fire has planned to satisfy users with new changes in cars. Now you will experience extra features in Free Fire cars, such as a music option in the game, which will help you listen to songs, motivational words, and maybe some more types of content.

It will be great because motivation in the game is very important. It also gives you confidence in the game and makes the matches less stressful.

Customize Gun Attributes

Gun attribute changes in Free Fire OB45 Advance Server image

Many players in the game had a great collection of gun skins with different attributes, but the issue was choosing the great-looking skin with great attributes. This was not easy to find because if a gun looked great, it might not have had good attributes.

To solve this issue, Garena Free Fire has now made it easy for all players in Free Fire Advance Server to experience customized attributes. For example, if you have five guns with different attributes, you can now use their ability attributes with different gun skins as you want.


Free Fire Advance Server is a great place if you want to experience the upcoming changes in Free Fire battleground, this is a testing version so if Garena has shown some changes in Free Fire Advance Server, it is not guaranteed that you will see them in Free Fire battleground, if the test was successful and users experience with that change was great, then Garena will include that in the normal game. 

In this Free Fire Advance Server, you will see new map changes, new characters, new options in vehicles, changes in guns, and more. 

It is important to test these features and provide feedback to the official team.