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Note that Free Fire Lite APK is not the official game version of Free Fire Battleground.

Free Fire Lite Battleground, also known as Sigma Free Fire and Sigma Battle Royal, has been launched because many Free Fire players are facing issues of lagging while playing Free Fire Battleground, or their devices do not have the required specifications like RAM and process to play Garena Free Fire smoothly.

Sigma Free Fire Lite Lobby

That’s why the Sigma Free Fire game is presented, to get maximum fun out of it even with low device specification.

NameSigma Free Fire Lite
CategoryGaming > Action > Battleground
Size280 MB
DeveloperStudio Arm Private Limited

In this guide, we shared the complete information and resources like key features, the latest version download link &, installation method, and more.

What Is Sigma Free Fire Lite 

Sigma Free Fire-Lite, an unofficial clone of Free Fire battleground, developed by Studio Arm Private Limited, is specially designed for low RAM and Process devices. It is based on the map with low graphics as compared to the official Free Fire Battleground.

The structure of every element, such as maps, places in Bermuda, and other maps, is the same, but the design is somehow unrealistic. 

Free Fire Lite in-game graphics

But the twist is here! In this game, players of all servers, like the India server, Pakistan server, Singapore server, and others, can play together.  

After starting a classic or rank, you will be competing with 49 – 50 players, and everyone will try to survive and win the game. 

Free Fire Lite Alternatives:

Beginners Guide

If you are a newbie, you may face an issue while downloading, installing, playing, and more, but don’t worry at all. Below, we shared the methods and guides in more detail. 

In short, You must be aware of game weapons, maps, locations, and characters for a better experience. 

Downloading Method

You may be worried about the Sigma Free Fire Lite APK download, but don’t worry, let me tell you that you can download Sigma Free Fire when it gets released officially for gamers by Sigma or Garena.

After the release date, simply:

  • Click on the download APK ( available above at the start of this post ).
  • After this, the file download will get started.
  • Above the right side, the APK file will be shown in the Chrome download location.
  • After successfully downloading the APK file, you will need to install it.

Installation Method

Installing Sigma Free Fire is quite easy. Just follow the steps: 

  • Go to the file manager: After downloading, open your file manager on your device.
  • Go to APK Section: After opening the file manager, click on APK, then click on Free Fire Lite APK file. 
  • Install: now it will show you the install icon below. Click on it, and your Free Fire Indian Version APK will get installed. After that, you can smoothly play the games. 


Suitable for All Devices.

Low MB is required to download.

All server players play in one place.


Low Graphics.

Fewer players as compared to the official version.

What’s New

As we know, Free Fire Lite APK is the clone of the official Free Fire Battleground game, but it has some changes that the official game has not. 

  • Names of Locations in Maps: When you start the game, you will realize that the map locations are the same, but the names are completely different.
  • Servers, All in One: As we see in Garena Free Fire, there are different servers, but Sigma Free Fire has only one server, in which all server players ( such as Indian Server, Singapore Server, etc.) can play together.
  • New items and cartoon look: The items, such as bundles, backpacks, etc., are completely new and not seen in the official Free Fire Battleground; the game costumes give cartoon looks.
  • Graphics: It has low graphics and an unrealistic gaming experience as compared to the official version of Garena.

Key Features In Sigma FF Lite

Sigma Free Fire is the modified version of the official Free Fire Battleground played by gamers for its features that contain the broadness of maps, easy-to-use control, smooth and friendly gaming quality, and experience.

Map Diversity

The maps are well structured and designed to keep the gamers from getting bored. After jumping on a map like Bermuda, etc, you will compete with 49 players, sometimes 50 for 10 minutes, in which each player tries to survive until the last zone to win the match.

Free Fire Lite map locations and their names

Free Fire Lite Friendly Controls 

Just like Garena Free Fire, the controls are easier to use; you can easily jump, run, fire, and more easily. You can customize the controls as you want by going to the section of settings, and you can set the controls and sensitivity depending on your own choice. 

in-game Controls of Free Fire Lite

Sensitivity: The process is the same as we do in Garena Free Fire Battleground: go to settings and then click on sensitivity and set it. 

Sensitivity settings of Free Fire Lite APK game

Multiple Modes 

There are multiple modes in Free Fire Lite: OF Ranked ( required four levels to play ), Fight Out ( no requirement to play ), and TDM ( required six levels to play ).

Sigmax Free Fire Lite game modes

Play With Teammates

Just like the official version of Garena, you can play with your friends; you can play.

Solo, In which all players play the game without teammates. 

Duo: In Duo, you can play with your one friend; up to 2 players can play in Duo.

Squad: A team of 4 players can play together in Squad; you can play with your friends in Squad. 

You can play with top gamers/players in Duo and Squad. 

Game Items 

The items are similar but not exact, like the items of Garena Free Fire. The structure is the same, but the design is somehow different, as shown in the image.

Look of feel of Free Fire Lite in-game items


As we see characters in Garena Free Fire, the Sigma Battle Royal gives the “Hero” name to the characters of Sigma Free Fire. 

Sigma Free Fire contains different characters with different abilities. 

Free Fire Lite Characters

Gameplay Experience 

After jumping onto the map, you will realize that you feel like you are playing Fortnite because the design of costumes, weapons, characters, and even color combination is very similar to Fortnite. Still, the structure, Features, items, and other things are just like the Garena Free Fire Battleground.


Free Fire-Lite, a clone of Free Fire Battleground and Free Fire Max, is specially designed for gamers who do not have good devices or have low-specification devices like 1GB or above. 

The game contains low graphics and looks similar to Free Fire Battleground. You will be competing with 49 and sometimes 50 players in the maps for the 10 minutes in which only everyone tries to survive and booyah the match. 

As we all know, Free Fire Battleground has separate servers for all regions, like the Singapore server for Singapore players and the Indian server for Indian players, but Sigma Free Fire is the only game that allows the overall world players to play in a single server. This means the players of all servers in Free Fire Lite will play together. 

As we all know, Sigma Free Fire is currently not available because of the security and copyrights of the official version of the Garena Free Fire Battleground. 

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