How To Increase Level In Free Fire: Complete Method

how to increase level in Free Fire

Indeed you are here to learn, how to increase level in Free Fire, let me give you a quick answer to increase it quickly, you should use your experience cards, do more diamonds top-ups, play rank matches, complete daily tasks, and more, below we have discussed each factor in depth.

how To Increase Level In Free Fire

Below you learn each factor of how to increase level in Free Fire deeply so keep reading.

Use Experience Card

experience card in Free Fire to level-up quickly

Experience points help you to increase your level, each level requires a specific number of experience points, and whenever you reach those points, your level goes up. So, focus on getting the experience points as much as you can to increase the level in Free Fire and Free Fire Max quickly. 

How To Get EXP Cards (Paid) 

If you have a top-up amount then it is a good option to go for the paid experience card, which will help you gain 100% experience points after the match, you can visit the store section in Free Fire to buy the 100% experience card in only 100 diamonds. 

However, if you can’t top-up In Free Fire, don’t worry here is the best free option for you to Fastly increase your level in Free Fire. 

How To Get EXP Cards (Free) 

Many of the players might not be able to afford to buy the paid experience card, but they should not worry about it because the free options Are also available. 

You can claim the free experience card that can help you increase the experience points by 50% after performing in the game for a specific time. 

You can avail of it through daily guide logins, completing events tasks, and more. 

You should check the events section and more sections daily to make sure you get the free experience card. 

How To Use EXP Card Effectively

You might have got the experience card but are confused about how can use it, so don’t worry about it, you should not do anything, The experience card works automatically, such as if you have played the matches in rank more, the experience card will automatically increase the experience points based on the card increase percentage. 

More Top-ups 

Top-up in Free Fire to level-up quickly

You can do diamonds top-up in Free Fire, which will help you to get some free experience points as a result, it will speed up you’re in-game level, however, if you can’t afford to top up in Free Fire battleground, then you can freely go for the free or any other affordable methods that we have discussed. 

Play Rank Matches

Now you should know that if you want to increase the level in Free Fire you will need a good number of experience points, that’s why we have also included the Rank game mode in this guide. 

You should play a good number of ranked matches, and focus on winning because it will help you to gain more experience points and as a result, if you have gained more experience points your level will go up and up. 

Pro Tip: set up your desired sensitivity settings to play as you want and play more ranked matches, focus on winning, and play with high-ranked players.

Complete The Daily Tasks/Missions

Each day has its tasks and missions in the Free Fire battleground and after completing those tasks/missions players get some extra experience points that help them to increase their level in Free Fire. 

There is no hard and fast rule in daily tasks, just open the game, open the daily tasks section, look at the tasks, play the game, and complete them. 

You will need to complete tasks such as driving the Free Fire vehicles for a specific time, a specific number of damages, a specific time gameplay, using a specific gun to eliminate enemies, headshots in matches, and more. 


Free Fire is the most famous and enjoyable survival multiplayer game that has a strong fan following. 

There are some in-game systems in Free Fire battleground, levels system is one of them. 

Here is a quick guide on how to increase level in Free Fire.

  • Get an Exp card and win rank matches.
  • Do more top-up.
  • Complete daily tasks to get experience points.
  • Play rank matches and win.

These are some of the most effective methods, try them, and your level will surely get up quickly.

Thanks for reading the article.