How To Do Top-up In Free Fire: Complete Guide

How to do top-up in Free Fire Battleground

Garena Free Fire is a popular online multiplayer battleground game that has earned good fame from the starting day because of its features, characters, Evo gun skins, bundles, Booyah passes in Free Fire, and more, that you can buy through diamonds, which is a buying currency in Free Fire battleground, similar to Free Fire gold coins but this currency is not free.

Here is the method mentioned below for a top-up in Free Fire.

How To Do Top-up In Free Fire Battleground

We have learned these methods from the diamond top-up king, Sultan Proslo a top player in Free Fire and was also a member of the Free Fire partner program.

and through our in-depth research, you can follow these methods, without any hassle.

Quick Method

You can buy diamonds from third-party websites such as Codashop and more.

Open Google and search for Free Fire top-up websites. After that, open any of your desired websites and do a top-up.

On the other hand, you can buy the diamonds in-game. Simply open the game, click on the diamonds, and do a top-up.

Detailed Method

Diamonds Top-up Through Third-party Websites

Infographic image Method of Free Fire diamonds Top-up

There are a good number of third-party websites that work as resellers.

Many players use third-party websites because of the ease of sending diamonds to friends, fans, subscribers, and more.

Here is the detailed method to do top-ups through third-party websites:

  • Open Google.
  • Search for Codashop.
  • Go deep down in the footer and click on your region which is the same as the Free Fire Server.
  • It will show you multiple games, including Free Fire battleground.
  • Click on Free Fire Battleground.
  • It will display the interface of the Free Fire top-up.
  • Enter the player ID.
  • Select the number of Free Fire diamonds that you want to top up.
  • Select the payment method.
  • Enter the correct email address and mobile number.
  • Click on buy now.
  • That’s it.

In-Free Fire

You can also buy diamonds inside the Free Fire battleground. The process is simple.

  • Open Free Fire Battleground.
  • After that simply click on the diamond icon.
  • It will show you how many diamonds you want to top up. Simply select from that.
  • Select the payment method and buy.

How To Get Diamonds For Free

here is a method, on how to do a top-up in Free Fire for free, Free Fire diamond top-up is one of the major sources of Free Fire battleground earnings, so the free diamond opportunities are very limited.

Here are some methods to get free diamonds in the Free Fire battleground.

Top-up Through Winzo Gold App

Infographic Earn Money Through Winzo Gold & Do Top-up

Winzo Gold is an Indian app that allows players to play more than 100 games to earn money.
It is popular in India; users can host tournaments and more.
But, how can we earn diamonds through the Winzo gold app for free? Here is the answer below.

  • Download the Winzo Gold app.
  • There will be more than 100 games in which you can play tournaments and after winning or achieving a specific position, you will earn rewards that can be in-game diamonds and money. If it is money, then you can simply open the game and buy diamonds with that money.
  • You can refer your friends to download the Winzo Gold, you will earn money when you refer someone successfully.
  • There are also daily quizzes and challenges; you will need to give them answers. As a result, they will reward you with something, which can be in-game diamonds or money.
    Note: After earning money from the Winzo Gold app, simply open Free Fire battleground, go to the top-up section, and do a top-up.

Redeem Codes

If you still want to learn, how to do a top-up in the Free Fire battleground, here is another method; Redemption codes are one of the best ways to get Free diamonds in the Free Fire battleground.

You will just need to find a redemption code that is valid, but where to find redemption codes? Here is the answer; Free Fire Battleground hosts events and tournaments frequently. After some time, it also distributes redeem codes in those tournaments and events.

You will need to follow all the social media channels, pages, and accounts of Free Fire Battleground and also subscribe to the top creators of Free Fire, especially the creators that exist in your in-game server because these are the sources where you will know about the Free Fire redeem codes.

After getting the redeem code, here are some easy steps to use and get diamonds through the redeem code.

  • Open the Free Fire rewards redeem codes on the official website.
  • Sign in, using any of your desired options from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more.
  • After getting into the website successfully, enter your redeem code and enjoy the free diamonds in Free Fire battleground.


Free Fire Battleground is very famous because of in-game fashion and you know, you can own premium fashion by spending diamonds.

Here is a quick method of how to do top-up in Free Fire.

In-game store: You can buy diamonds in the game store.

Third-party websites: You can also try third-party websites such as Codashop.

Note that you will need to spend real money when you want to buy the diamonds.