How To Change Server In Free Fire

How to change server in Free Fire

Free Fire assigns the nearest server when you get logged in to the game. 

Here you will learn how to change server in Free Fire battleground. Keep reading.

There is no option in Free Fire Battleground to change the server directly but you can still play in another region/server by following some tactics and methods that are given below. 

Note: If you want to enjoy all server players at one server, then Free Fire Advance Server is a great place for you.

How To Change Server In Free Fire: Methed

Here are some methods that you can use to log in to the other servers, such as if you are on an Indian server, then you will able to play in Pakistan or any of your desired servers. 

Guest Account

You can access the other regions through a guest account, but wait, you will need to create the guest account through the VPN, you can use any of your desired VPNs to create a guest account. 

If you have already a guest account, note that it will not work for you. So create a fresh one.

To create another with the help of a VPN, you will need to select the desired server/region in the VPN while creating the guest account. 

After creating the account successfully, you will able to enjoy the gameplay and features, etc on another server. 

Create Fresh Accounts With A VPN

This method is as simple as the guest account method. Use any of your desired VPNs that you can download from the Play Store. Keep in mind to select the server in which you want to play the games. After connecting the VPN to the server, simply create a Facebook or Google account. 

Now you are almost done, note the credentials of the account that you have created through VPN, open the game, and log in to the account. That’s it. 

Open the game and enjoy games on your desired server. 

Get The Help Of Other Region Players 

This is also an interesting part. This method is simple and easy compared to the methods that we have discussed above. 

If you have any friends on the other servers, tell them to create an account from me. After they create an account for you, take the credentials from your friend and log in to the game with those credentials. 

After logging in to the game you will have a different experience. 

Free Fire Server

It is important to know about the Free Fire Servers because you might want to access the specific server and in reality that does not exist, so here you will learn which servers exist in the Free Fire battleground, that you can access and shift to. 

  1. India Server.
  2. Thailand Server.
  3. Brazil Server.
  4. Middle East Server (MENA).
  5. Mexico Server (Free Fire – LATAM).
  6. Taiwan Server (Free Fire – 我要活下去)
  7. Russia Server.
  8. Europe Server.
  9. Indonesia Server.
  10. Malaysia Server.
  11.   Vietnam Server.
  12. Pakistan Server.
  13. Bangladesh Server. (New)

Which Are The Best Servers To Join In Free Fire

Each server in Free Fire is worthy to join, every server has its plus points such as some are good for Free Rewards, Free Fire gun skins, and more.

Here are some examples: Vietnam and Thailand servers are good for free diamonds if you are a bundle and fashion lover then you should go toward the Indonesian server.

Brazilian Server is good, in case you want to know about upcoming events, such as the upcoming Free Fire Evo gun skins, the latest events, and more.

So each server in Free Fire has its features, systems, and more, it depends on which server you want to join.

How To Check Free Fire Server Status?

It is easy to check your in-game region, simply when you open the game and get to the login page, in the left corner, you will see your in-game region, you can also check your server in Free Fire settings. 

Another method, open the rank leaderboard, guilds leaderboard, and other leaderboards, if the server has changed you will see the other server player ranking in the leaderboard, you can take the idea, that in which server, I am playing currently. 


If you want to change the server in Free Fire battleground, it might be challenging but not impossible. 

There is no direct option in Free Fire battleground to change region in Free Fire battleground, you can use any of your desired VPNs. 

If you have any friend in the region in which you want to get a shift, it is recommended to tell him for account and this is one of the legit ways to change the server in Free Fire battleground. 

However, you can also use the method of guest account that we have discussed above. 

Hope this was helpful. Thanks for ready the detailed article!