How To Get Evo Guns In Free Fire

Evo guns in Free Fire

Free Fire Battleground has been one of the popular games since its release date because of multiple reasons.

Guns are one of the main parts of the game, which improves the gaming experience, there are multiple guns in Free Fire battleground such as AK47, Scar, and more. 

Did you know, that these Free Fire guns have multiple different skins with different attributes, but the Evo gun skins in Free Fire have good fame as compared to other gun skins because it has very impressive designs, and attributes, which give you an edge and make it easy for you to become a pro player in Free Fire.

You can get updated about the upcoming Free Fire evo guns in the Free Fire Advance Server, because it is a testing server and all upcoming items appear in this server, after Free Fire battleground adds them to the normal Free Fire.

Let’s discuss, how to get Evo guns in Free Fire.  

Method To Get Evo Guns 

Garena Free Fire has released multiple Evo gun skins, that have animative looks, powerful attributes, and more, that make it easy for players to eliminate opponents through headshots in Free Fire, you can also upgrade these guns through tokens. 

If you want to get the Evo guns, you will need to open the Faded wheel, a Luck Royal.

There you will see the new Evo gun if Garena has released that. 

Here are some simple steps, to follow and get the Evo gun skin in Free Fire. 

  • Follow the official channels, and pages, of Free Fire, or check the Faded Wheel section daily. 
  • If you have found the Evo gun there, then spend diamonds and get the Evo gun. 
  • That’s it. 

How To Level Max The Evo Guns

It is much simpler to level max your Evo gun in Free Fire, if you have got it, you will need a specific number of tokens to level max your guns. Below we have mentioned the method to get tokens. 

  • Open the store section. 
  • Click on the Normals section. 
  • There you will see the crates, where you can buy the crates and then try your luck. 
  • Also, you can buy the token there through diamonds. 

Now after buying the required number of tokens, open the Evo guns section in-game and level up your guns there. 

5 Best Evo Guns In Free Fire

Here are the top 5 best Evo gun skins in Free Fire, which are based on attributes, looks, and popularity. 

M1014 – Green Flame Draco

Image of M1014 – Green Flame Draco


  • Damage: +
  • Rate of Fire: ++
  • Reload Speed: –

M1014 is also very famous because of its top-notch experience and short-range attributes, this is the skin that makes it even better and makes it more famous among other gun skins of M1014. 

This green flame Draco looks, like a dragon, it has very interesting attributes such as it have damage and Rate of fire advantage. 

Let’s discuss another one. 

Thompson – Cindered Colossus

Image of Thompson - CINDERED COLOSSUS


  • Damage: +
  • Rate of Fire: ++
  • Reload Speed: –

Most players use Thompson in a short range and you know it has a very good experience in short range. 

Thompson was already in use but after the release of the Thompson Cindered Colossus, its fame went up and up. 

It has attributes such as damage, and double rate of fire. It means that you will have an advantage in a short range if you have this Evo gun skin of Thompson. 

FAMAS – Demonic Grin

Image of FAMAS – Demonic Grin
  • Damage: ++
  • Rate of fire: +
  • Movement Speed: –

Famas is one of the old guns in Free Fire, which is used mostly in mid and long-range fights, it has already a good rate of fire, but Evo gun skin makes it faster as compared to the normal. It looks like a Samurai bundle which is also a very old and rare bundle in Free Fire. 

AK47 – Blue Flame Draco

Image of AK47 – Blue Flame Draco
  • Damage: +
  • Rate of Fire: ++
  • Movement Speed: –

I still remember in the old days of Free Fire, the popularity of the Dragon AK74 was one peak, but then after some time, the Evo gun AK47 blue Flame Draco was released, and the fame of the Dragon AK47 went down. You know it has a very good look, it gives a feeling like you have a dragon kid in your hands. 

It has damage and double rate of fire attributes, which are too amazing for long-range fights.  

MP40 – Predatory Cobra

Image of MP40 – Predatory Cobra
  • Damage: ++
  • Rate of Fire: +
  • Reload Speed: –

MP40 is one of the good SMG ammo guns, which provides a very good experience in short-range fights. You know, it has damage and rate of fire attributes which make it very very dangerous as compared to other gun skins, so you can claim it if you are a lover of gun skins. 

Can I Get Evo Gun Through Gold Coins

No, Evo guns are premium items of Free Fire battleground and Free Fire battleground has not settled any option for players to buy Evo guns through Free Fire gold coins.


Free Fire Battleground a survival and multiplayer game is too popular and has a good number of daily active players. 

You know it has a lot of in-game items and features that improve the gaming experience of each player. 

Evo guns are one of them. 

You will need to spend diamonds on these Evo guns and it will consume your good number of diamonds, so take it if you have a good number of diamonds or if you are a lover of gun skins.