Top 10 Best Free Fire Players In The World

Top 10 Best Free Fire players in the world

Free Fire battleground is growing rapidly and has a million daily active users worldwide but here it is important to know which players are the best, and what makes them different from other players. 

Best Free Fire Players In The World

So here is the list of the top 10 best Free Fire Players in the world.

The list of these 10 players is based on good research that includes multiple factors. let’s start!

Sultan Proslo – Top Up King

Sultan Proslo, real name Dyland Maximus Zidane is an Indonesian player, who has bought a good number of badges ( now known as Free Fire booyah pass levels ) and is currently at the top of the badges leaderboard which makes him the best player in Free Fire. 

But here is more for you to learn about Sultan Proslo. 

  • He has the highest number of diamonds top-up in Free Fire.
  • He is known as the richest player in all over the world. 
  • He has a vast number of items and no one can compare their accounts collection with Sultan Proslo’s collection. 
  • He has a channel, Dyland Pros that has more than 16 Million subscribers. 

So now it’s clear that his spending passion in Free Fire makes him the best player in Free Fire. 

Sultan Proslo in-game UID: 16207002.

White 444 – Gameplay Like A Hacker

White 444 is a Morocco player, he is known as the fastest PC player in all over the world, he has competed with top squads and won matches from them. 

He is very popular because of his speed and headshot in Free Fire, which makes him the fastest and best player of Free Fire. 

Let you know more about White444:

  • He has a YouTube channel with more than 5 million subscribers. 
  • He has a strong and active fan following.
  • He left the game, as per Wassimos TV’s YouTube video ( Wassimos discussion with White444 ), because everyone expected him as a hacker, but he was not the hacker. Now White444 is again backed to the game.  

White 444 in-game UID: 1133099286.

Nobru – Best Free Fire Player In The World

Nobru is a Brazilian Esports player, he won the MVP title in the Free Fire World Series 2019 and also played a good number of tournaments that make Nobru, one of the best players of Free Fire, all over the world. 

Here is more for you, to learn about Nobru:

Nobru in-game UID: 228159683.

Vincenzo – Strategic And Fast Gameplay

Vincenzo the member of Over Power guild, is known for his speedy and winning gameplay. He was the one who used the glow wall with great speed in the starting days of Free Fire until now, which makes him one of the fastest and best players of the Free Fire battleground. 

Here is more about Vincenzo:

  • Vincenzo’s YouTube channel has more than 6.5 million subscribers.

Vincenzo in-game UID: 63996960.

Raistar – Fastest, And Best Free Fire Player In The World 

Raistar is an Indian player and member of the Gyan Gaming guild who has earned good popularity over time because of his fastest gameplay. 

Winning from Raistar in 1 v 1 and custom rooms is not just like eating a piece of cake, that is why Indian players and other server players consider him the best and fastest player all over the world.  

Learn more about Raistar

  • Raistar has more than 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube. 
  • He got a good response from his fans because of his fastest gameplay and support of famous Free Fire YouTuber Gyan Gaming. 

Raistar in-game UID: 12022250.

TheCruz Piyapon – A World Series Champion

Godcruz is an esports player who was part of popular and strong esports teams,  Evos Phoenix, Phoenix Force, Phoenix Esports TH, and Xavier Esports. But let’s talk about, why Cruz is one of the best players in Free Fire. 

Let’s learn more about Cruz

  • Phoenix Force won the World Series 2021 in Singapore and Cruz was a member of the team. 
  • Evos Phoenix won the World Series 2022 in Bangkok and Cruz was the team member. 
  • Cruz won multiple tournaments. 

TheCruz in-game UID: updating.

SK Sabir Boss – A Rank Pusher

SK Sabir Boss is an Indian player, he got a good response and earned countless fans because he made the top 1 position in the rank leaderboard for a long time and highest scores. 

He got a good fan following throughout the journey. 

There was a time when almost every 3rd person was using the name style of SK Sabir Boss. 

More about SK Sabir Boss:

– His journey sparked a remarkable fan following.
– His influence led to many adopting his in-game alias.

SK Sabir Boss in-game UID: 55479535.

TSG Ritik – A Senior Content Creator Of Free Fire

TSG Ritik is one of the oldest YouTubers of Free Fire and the leader of the TSG Army. 

He got a Free Fire partner program V-badge. 

TSG Ritik’s passion, and strategic thinking while playing the game, make him a good player of Free Fire. 

He has a YouTube channel Two Side Gamers on a partnership basis with TSG Jash which has more than 12 million subscribers. 

TSG Ritik in-game UID: 124975352.

Badge 99 – Top PC Player

Badge 99 is one of the best Free Fire PC players, he is one of the players who defeated Raistar in a 1 v 1 custom room battle, as we discussed above Raistar is one of the best custom room players. 

Badge 99 has a YouTube channel that has 10 million subscribers. He got a good response from a Free Fire community because of his gameplay skills. 

Badge 99 in-game UID: 317768081.

Qari FF  – Fastest Mobile Player 

Qari FF is a Pakistani player, his gameplay skills, and especially his skills in unlimited items custom rooms are at the next level. 

You can say that Qari FF is the Raistar of Pakistan because most of the pro players are unable to beat him in 1 v 1 and other game modes. Here you will know why Qari FF is one of the best players in Free Fire. 

Qari FF won the title of 1 v 1 unlimited glow walls costume rooms multiple times which was arranged by a YouTuber, Yotokiller.  

Qari FF in-game UID: 277564785.


In short, the Top 10 Best Free Fire players in the world are mentioned in this article. The factors that make them the Best Free Fire players are their gameplay speed, passion, and more. 

They all are best enough that’s why they all have a strong fan following on YouTube, and other social media platforms.