What Is Booyah Pass In Free Fire, How To Get & Benefits

Here you will learn, what is Booyah Pass in Free Fire battleground, how to get it, and more.

What is Booyah Pass in Free Fire

Free Fire Battleground is one of the most famous online survival and multiplayer games that have earned good fame over time because of its top-notch gaming experience, and you know, Elite passes, now known as Booyah passes, are the main items of its good experience.

The good news is that this article is all about Elite Passes, also known as Booyah Passes now.

So let’s get started.

What Is Booyah Pass In Free Fire

In very simple words, it’s a pass where players can get rewards based on doing some tasks, and it changes after each month.

Each Booyah pass in Free Fire has its rewards, such as different emotes, bundles, Free Fire gun skins, backpacks, badge icons, grenade skins, car skins, loot crates, skyboards, profile avatars, banners, Free Fire gold coins, and more.

Note that this pass also contains an Exp card, which you help you to level up in Free Fire quickly.

There are two passes in the Booyah pass; the first one is a Free pass and the second one is the Premium pass.

The Free pass is for everyone, meaning that it is free and every player in Free Fire can claim the rewards of a Free pass by doing the simple tasks.

On another hand, the premium pass is not for everyone, only those who can access the items of the premium pass who have paid for it, meaning that it is paid; you will need to pay diamonds (Free Fire in-game currency) to avail of it.

How To Get Booyah Pass In Free Fire

As we have discussed, there are two passes in Booyah Pass, Free Pass and Premium Pass, Free is free, and premium is paid. You will get the Free pass without doing anything. But for a Premium pass, you will need to pay them in Free Fire in-game currency, known as Diamonds.

There are two ways to obtain the premium pass in Booyah pass, the first is to buy it directly, they have set a specific number of diamonds.


  • Open Free Fire battleground.
  • You will see the menu on the left side, “Booyah Pass”. Click on that.
  • There you will see the required diamonds.
  • Do diamonds top-up in Free Fire.
  • Go again to the Booyah Pass section and buy.

Another method is to try your luck in Luck Royal.

Note that Luck Royal for each Booyah pass is for a specific period; you can try your luck by doing spins.

If you are lucky, you will get the Booyah Pass in fewer diamonds; otherwise, you will get Booyah Pass tokens which you can exchange and get Booyah Pass.

Booyah Pass Benefits

There are a lot of benefits, such as you will get rewards, badges, premium bundles, backpacks, grenade skins, emotes, car skins, skins of Free Fire vehicles, gun skins, in-game shirts, in-game tokens, and more.

The biggest benefit is it improves your collection and almost makes it worthy, also the bundles emotes, etc of each Booyah pass become rare and famous after some time because these are not repeatable, they only appear one time in the game to the player.

Another benefit is if you have good levels (also known as badges) in Booyah Pass, the game will display you in a badge leaderboard, there are 3 leaderboards of Booyah Pass levels; friends, Region, and World.

Booyah Pass Levels

Booyah Pass levels

There are levels in Booyah Pass, and the system has set specific levels for each item, if you reach that level the system will reward you.

You can also buy the Booyah pass levels if you want to display your account in the Booyah pass levels leaderboard.

But not that it will cost you good diamonds (in-game currency).

You can claim each reward in the Booyah pass after reaching level 150 in the Premium pass.


In short, Free Fire battlegrounds have a good number of In-game features, and items Booyah passes are one of them.

These are for a limited time with two sub passes, a free pass, and a premium pass.

It has a good number of in-game rewards which you can claim after completing the required levels in Booyah Pass.

Free pass in Booyah Pass is free and the Premium pass is paid; you will need to pay the required diamonds to buy the premium pass, note that the premium pass has premium and more attractive in-game items.