How To Become A Pro In Free Fire

How to become a pro in Free Fire

Free Fire Battleground is one of the top games in the category of survival games.

It has a good number of daily active players from all over the world.

If you are a player of Free Fire, you should know how to become a pro because if you want to achieve the top ranking, you will need strong skills to compete with top players.

How To Become A Pro In Free Fire: Proven Methods

So here you will learn how to play Free Fire on PC and Android and how to become a pro in Free Fire battleground, and also you will learn the game basics here.

Learn Game Basics

As we all know, if someone wants to know how to become a pro in Free Fire, he should know about the game basics such as how to play Free Fire, how to use characters, parachute opening time, landing location, gun combination, armor, backpacks, and more. Let’s discuss them in-depth.

Use Characters

An image of characters

There is a huge difference between using characters and not using characters. How? When you are not using characters, you will not have any extra abilities, but when you start using any character with the combination of other characters’ skills, you will able to improve your running speed, you will get some extra health points, and more.

You can buy the in-game characters through gold and diamonds in Free Fire.

Parachute Opening Time

Parachute in Free Fire

Do not open your parachute instantly after jumping from the plane; this will open automatically, so you should not worry about it.

If you open it instantly after jumping from the plane, it will decrease your speed of landing.

Start Running & Look For The Guns

Guns in Free Fire

After jumping from the plane and landing on the map, the next step is to start running, but only mindless running is not enough, you should go in the direction where other players don’t exist because it will help you to be free to collect your desired guns, glow-walls, grenades, backpack, lvl 3 armor, and other important things.

Keep in mind to first look for the guns because there is a possibility that you might face players at the start of the match or unexpectedly while doing loot.

Look For The Armor


Armor is the thing that a player should not avoid if he wants to survive till the end of the game because it is something that protects you and doesn’t allow your opponents to give you more damage.

So look for it as soon as possible after landing on the map, note that there is a different type of armor in the game so you should always look for the good ones.

Do Practice In Training Mode And Classic Modes

An image of Free Fire modes

You might have heard that practice makes perfect and perfect needs practice, so it works the same in Free Fire.

If you are given more time to practice, you will be better at the game than others. You can play in classic modes, training modes, and custom rooms, which are specially developed and designed for fun, practice, and more.

After giving a good time to practice in these modes, then you should go for a competitive environment, such as Bermuda Rank mode, and Clash-Squad rank mode.

Guns Selection


Guns selection is too important because it is more likely that you will face all types of battle in games such as short-range fights, medium-range, and long-range, each type of fight requires different guns such as you should keep MP40 or M1887 for short-range, M4A1, AK47 or any other AR ammo guns for long-range fights.


An image of headshot in Free Fire

Many of the players in Free Fire are known as a pro player because they have a strong grip on headshots, you can practice headshots in training mode, custom rooms, classic modes, clash-squad, rank, and more.

It is a faster way to eliminate the opponents because when it allows you to give more damage to the enemies.

Note that you can’t make headshots of each gun in Free Fire, you should you knowledge about it that which are the guns for headshots. MP40 is a gun that is very user-friendly for headshots in a short range, and AK47, M4A1, SCAR, etc are player’s friendly for a long-range fight in case of headshots.

Use Glow-Walls

An image of glow-walls in game

I still remember that when I saw a player in Free Fire battleground with a good glow-wall speed and skills, I always told them a pro player because it looks too satisfying when someone has strong glow-wall skills that protect a player from other players’ gunfire. Since that day I have worked on glow-wall skills and now I have good speed.

You should also work on your skills because if you can’t protect yourself, more likely you will get eliminated at the start of the the match.

Note: All pro players need to be updated about the upcoming changes, items, and more, which can be done by joining Free Fire Advance Server, so join it on time and explore all of the upcoming changes.


In short, if you have a question about how to become a pro in Free Fire battleground, and want to be a pro then you must know about the game basics that we have discussed at the start of the article, such as landing time, parachute opening time, running in the right direction, doing loot, and more.

But these are not enough to if you want to learn; how to become a pro in Free Fire, it is only the start of the journey toward becoming a good and professional player in Free Fire battleground, you should have a strong grip on headshots and glow-walls too, and a strong grip it is only possible through practice and giving time to the game.