Method To Claim Free Fire Gold Coins

Free Fire Gold Coins

As we all know when we want to buy something, we give money as currency to the shopkeeper to buy something, similar to it, Free Fire also has two currencies Diamonds ( You can claim through Free Fire diamonds top-up ) & Free Fire Gold coins which can be used to buy in-game items such as Free Fire Evo guns skins, bundles, car skins, glow-wall skins, characters, Free Fire vehicles skins, and more. 

There are some methods to get these in-game currencies, you can buy diamonds through real money, on the other hand, gold is free to claim but you will need some effort to make it possible. 

Here are some methods to claim Free Fire Gold coins. 

Methods To Collect Free Fire Gold Coins 

Here are some proven methods mentioned below that can help you claim Free Fire gold coins.

Daily Rewards In Free Fire

The only effort in this method is to log in daily. 

You will need to log in to the game for 7 days continuously, each day has its reward which also includes free gold coins. 

Daily Activity Missions

Weekly Activity Missions

You can claim gold coins by completing the activity mission tasks, you will need to complete the tasks such as logging in to the game, sharing with friends, playing a specific number of games, and more.  

You will need to complete the tasks within the specific period after completing the tasks you will get rewards that also contain free gold coins. 

Keep An Eye On The Mailbox 

Gold coins in Free Fire Mail

Garena might not send the rewards daily but still, Garena sends them in the mailbox, and there is no specific time confirmed by Garena.

You will get rewards randomly in the mailbox such as temporary gun skins, free gold coins, and more. 

So always check your mailbox to be updated.

Play More Matches

image 1

This is another method, that can help you get coins, you will need to play matches and after winning or losing the match, you will receive a certain number of gold coins in Free Fire, based on your performance and game mode. 

The more matches you play, the more gold you will get, because you will receive gold in each game. 

Gold Card

Free Fire Gold card

If you want to get gold faster then gold cards can help you. It works similarly to experience cards, it can help you to increase your gold up to 100%, you can claim the gold card in events, and more. 

You will not need to activate the gold card, you should only claim it and it will work automatically. 


Events in Free Fire to get Gold coins

As we all know Free Fire Battleground brings events such as the Ramadan event, in which you can claim a good number of items such as Free Fire gun skins, bundles, and more things, most probably it the events in Free Fire Battleground also include free gold, which you can get after completing some very basic tasks, such as play the game for 10 minutes, play with a friend, share the game, play in specific mode and more. 

So you should always keep an eye on the event section in Free Fire battleground to not miss them. 

Season And Rank Rewards 

Gold coins as a reward of Free Fire Rank season.

This is another opportunity to get free gold in the Free Fire battleground, as we all know Free Fire consists of a rank system, which has tiers such as Bronze, Iron, and Gold, and this goes to Grandmaster, ( which is the highest tier in Free Fire battleground ). 

If you have a high tier at the end of the season, you will receive a good number of gold coins, so always try to achieve a good ranking in the Free Fire battleground.


Free Fire has two currencies known as diamonds and gold, but the difference is that you can get the diamonds on real money and after that, you can claim premium items in Free Fire battleground, on another hand gold is free and it allows you to buy some basic items in Free Fire battleground such as you can use it in Luck Royal, you can buy characters and more. 

But the thing that how will you get gold in Free Fire? It is too easy and simple to avail it in Free Fire. you will need to play games, such as Ranked, Clash Squad, and more as a result after finishing the match you will get gold and experience points based on your performance and some more factors that are hidden. 

There are more methods available such as claiming gold in daily rewards, completing activity missions, checking gold in the Mail-box, using a gold card, competing in missions in events, ending the rank season as a Ranked tier player, and more. 

Always keep in mind to not use the gold generator tools, because it is against the Free Fire battlegrounds and you might lose your account permanently, so be safe.