Free Fire Weapons: Short, Medium & Long Range Weapons

Free Fire weapons

Free Fire Battleground is a top video game. When you start the match in Free Fire Battleground and land on the map, you will need to survive until the end of the match. Free Fire Weapons are the most important part of survival.

So, it is important to know which weapons are the best for short, medium, and long-range because if you know about these, you will be better than others. Let’s get started with short-range weapons first.

Short Range Free Fire Weapons

Short range is a condition in Free Fire where you compete with opponents at a very close distance. In this situation, you will need weapons with a high rate of fire, more damage, and other attributes. The good news is, we have mentioned the short-range weapons below.


MP40 in Free Fire

MP40 is a desired weapon of many Free Fire gamers, including me, because it has a high rate of fire and perfect accuracy at short range. It has a high number of bullets, which gives you an edge over opponents.

It has multiple skins, which make it even more powerful because they all have their power attributes. Some of them have a high rate of fire, while some have high damage, accuracy, etc. Most of them are paid, so you will need to do a top-up in Free Fire to buy them.


M1887 in Free Fire

M1887 is a 2-magazine weapon, which has the power to eliminate an opponent in 2 shots.

It has a high movement speed, average reload speed, and less accuracy. However, if you become an expert in using this weapon, you will be able to eliminate even pro opponents in 1 shot, which is also very popular in Free Fire Battleground.


M1014 in Free Fire

M1014 is one of the oldest shotguns in Free Fire with 6 bullets and a limited range capacity. You can easily eliminate an opponent if they are in very close range because when you fire, it will give a high amount of damage to them.

Just like other guns in Free Fire Battleground, it also has multiple skins that have different ability attributes such as a high rate of fire, damage, accuracy, and more attributes.

If you are a rusher, you should try M1014.

Medium Range Weapons

Free Fire is a game where you face every type of situation. If you are a short-range lover, you should try those guns, but you will face a medium-range situation because it is not in your control to avoid medium-range fights, so you must be prepared for that. Here are some guns that you can use in medium range:


AK47 in Free Fire

AK47 is one of the most popular guns in Free Fire because of its quality. It is a medium-range weapon with great damage, style, accuracy, and rate of fire, which allows you to eliminate opponents with very few bullets.

It has multiple skins, including a popular skin, Dragon AK47. These skins have attributes such as rate of fire, damage, accuracy, etc. These guns are mostly paid, but you will also get a chance to win gun skins for free, so always be updated about the game events.


Scar in Free Fire

Scar is a medium-range assault rifle with a capacity of 30 bullets. It can be a comfortable choice for medium range because it has a great rate of fire, damage, and low recoil, which makes it even better.

If you have skins of Scar, it will be great to use them because the Scar will not remain normal. Most of the gun skins of Scar have attributes.


Groza in Free Fire

Groza is a great weapon. It has a high rate of fire, which will make you connect headshots in Free Fire Battleground easily. It has good damage, and the good thing about Groza is that it has low recoil, which makes it even better than the AK47.

It has skins too, and it even has an EVO gun skin, which has highly advanced attributes compared to the other skins.

Long Range Weapons

Long-range fights are something different because in these fights you can’t use medium-range and short-range weapons. You should be proficient with these weapons if you want to win long-range fights. Here are some of the weapons that we have mentioned below:


Snipers such as AWM, M82B, and Kar98 are great long-range weapons. They have a high damage capacity and can eliminate enemies with 2 bullets or even 1 bullet.

You will need to set up the sensitivity settings for snipers because if you have perfect sensitivity, you will be able to control the snipers as you want, and it will be easy for you to use them.


Woodpecker is a long-range weapon that is very powerful because it gives high damage with low recoil in long range, which makes it better than others.

You can use it in medium range too if you know how to use it effectively. You can even eliminate enemies with one shot through Woodpecker.

It is one of the most powerful long-range weapons, but wait, here is a twist: you will find it very rarely in Free Fire Battleground, and mostly you will find it in airdrops.


Free Fire Battleground is one of the most popular online video games. It is important to learn about Free Fire weapons and understand which weapons to use in short, medium, and long range. Here we have mentioned the most effective weapons. You can practice with these weapons, and if you become proficient in using them, then you will be victorious in most of the matches.