How To Play Free Fire: Important Tips Based On Experience

How to play Free Fire

Free Fire is a battleground game that has earned good fame over time. Throughout the years, many new players have downloaded the game, and we know that it is difficult for a newbie to learn the game in a short time. But don’t worry, here you will learn how to play Free Fire battleground on PC and Android from an experienced gamer. So let’s get started.

Become A Good Controller

You might have questions about how to play Free Fire battleground on Android and PC, but you will not ask them again if you become a pro player in in-game control, As we all know when we have control over something, that becomes too easy for us, the same when you have a good edge on controls in Free Fire, you will enjoy it more than before. 

Free Fire control settings

Here is how you can manage control settings in Free Fire Battleground. 

Free Fire Sensitivity Settings

Free Fire sensitivity setting is one of the best settings where you can set up the movement speed sniper scope movement and more, it is important because it improves your in-game experience when you try to move the screen through touch or mouse.

Aim Precision

This is an option in Free Fire control settings, set it default because if you have set it default, it will be very easy for you to shoot the opponents. 

Left Fire Button

You will also see two options, the 1st “Always” and 2nd “Show when scoped”. If you have set it to “Always” you will able to use two fire buttons, so it is good to use it because it will be easy and comfortable for you to shoot a player. 

Other Options 

There in control settings, you will see many options, such as a quick weapon switch, quick reload, reload progress on crosshair, free look, sprint, drive, and more. You can set it as per your interest. 

Custom Hub

The most important thing about custom hubs is the place where you can set the position, size, and more of the jump, fire, free look buttons, weapons, and more. 

This is the place that should not be compromised, must explore it and set the positions and sizes, etc of the elements that look easy to you. 

Note: Keep some margin between elements in custom hun for a better and more enjoyable gameplay and gaming experience. 

So these were some expert guides related to controls in Free Fire and we are sure this will help you play in Free Fire battleground. 

Again you will not have to question how to play Free Fire further if you have a strong grip on Free Fire controls.

Survive To Win The Match 

Free Fire is a survival game, so you should know and learn the art of survival in Free Fire battleground, only the player Booyah the game how survives till the end of the game. 

Jump In A Place Where No One Land

It is important to land at the right place for a better game. What do I mean by landing at the right place? The land where no one lands with you because there you will be no competition and most important you will have a good time to be prepared and do loot. 

Pick Your Favorite Weapons 

Weapon combination is another important thing that should not be underestimated. 

Keep both long-range and short-range weapons to compete strongly with your opponents, if you have only short-range weapons, your opponents will take the edge of long-range and they will eliminate you easily. But when you have both, the opponents will not want to take risks. 

Important Loot 

It is not that easy to survive till the end, but easy for those who have good and important loot. You might ask what is important loot, here is the answer, Glow-walls, a good combination of weapons, a level 3 backpack for more loot capacity, and grenades.

Drive-In Vehicles

Drive in Free Fire vehicles, when you are in a shrinking zone or danger zone because it brings you from one place to another place in a short time.

When you have these the game will become easy as compared to not having these in-game loot. 

Know About The Characters And Their Skills

Characters in Free Fire battlegrounds are too important and if you are not using it, you are missing something. 

As we all know the default character in Free Fire has no skills, and when you use the default character, the gameplay experience will not be that much good, because it will not have any speed or other abilities. Still, if you are using the characters that have special skills, you will start enjoying the game. 

So explore every character in Free Fire battleground, and select a character as per your weaknesses. 

Learn About Headshots 

When you land on the map, so your will goal will be to eliminate the opponents and booyah the match, what if I tell you that you can eliminate your opponents with a few shots, of course, you will say yes. 

Headshot is the way, but not everyone knows the art of headshots, you will need to practice as much as you can to be a pro in headshots, and not that if you are a pro in headshots, it means that you are a pro in Free Fire battleground

Now, you are not the same as before, because you have learned a piece of valuable knowledge about how to play Free Fire.

Hope so, now you will not have questions about how to play Free Fire.

Thanks for reading!